The Fair Chance Hiring Accelerator Program

Take the next actionable step towards advancing fair chance hiring in the State of Colorado with our new employer-focused cohort program. 

The Fair Chance Hiring Platform & Justice Reskill is launching the Fair Chance Hiring Accelerator program to increase fair chance hiring in the State of Colorado. This program is aimed at senior hiring executives at top companies that are interested in creating a fair chance hiring practice in their organizations.

"Fair chance hiring" refers to the practice of employers hiring people with criminal records. It is built on the premise that everyone deserves fair consideration for jobs they are qualified for.

This program is unique in that it will utilize a proven learning and change model called “community of practice” that will lay the foundation for integrating fair chance hiring in the workforce. A community of practice refers to a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. Our vision is to assemble a group of committed professionals that gather to learn together, bond together, and actively change fair chance hiring in their companies and the State of Colorado.

This program aims to take companies from a place of care and empathy for fair chance hiring (often without a plan for action or awareness of what is blocking their ability to move forward) to a place where they are actively engaged in fair chance hiring in Colorado in a measurable way and are a part of the solution.

Who is this for?

This program is for senior hiring executives at companies where leadership is actively interested in advancing fair chance hiring in Colorado. Senior hiring executives are defined as individuals who impact hiring (COO, Head of HR, Head of Talent, etc.). Sponsoring companies should be prepared to support their executives’ participation in this program by allocating time, the program fee, and an internal audience for participants to share information and enact a fair chance hiring program at the conclusion of the program. The organization should expect to set goals for fair chance hiring and support implementation of the pilot project designed by their participating staff.


Participants will leave this program with:

  • High caliber mentoring and consulting before and during the program
  • Access to models and thought leaders in the human resources and fair chance hiring space nationally
  • Organizational assessment through a fair chance lens and to set appropriate fair chance hiring goals
  • A group of professional peers who will support each other toward their companies’ fair chance hiring goals during the program and after
  • Certification & recognition as a fair chance employer in the State of Colorado
  • Tangible resources to guide the implementation of their program, in accordance with state and federal employment laws
  • A company specific implementation plan for initial fair chance hiring goals

Thought Leaders, Speakers & Program Team

Our team represents decades of experience in workforce development, human resources, transformational leadership and program implementation. Check back as we continue to add subject matter experts to this team. 

  1. Nicole Trimble, Managing Director FSG 
  2. Celia Ouellette, Founder & Chief Executive, RBIJ 
  3. Dr. Dwinita Mosby-Tyler, Founder, The Equity Project + The HR Shop
  4. Christine Ageton, Program Lead, and Facilitator  
  5. Jess Daniel Hart, Ph.D, Program Manager
  6. Aaron Clark, Founder & CEO, Justice Reskill

Program Logistics

  • Rolling applications will be open from April 16th until the first cohort is full.
  • The cost per accepted executive is $1,500. One additional associate per company can apply & register for $500.
  • During the Summer of 2021 our team will facilitate up to three virtual consulting and mentoring sessions for participants in preparation for program launch.
  • During the Fall of 2021 our team will faciliate three in-person sessions (COVID-permitting) during the weeks of September 20, October 11 and November 1 (the schedule will be coordinated with the cohort members).
  • In between the above in-person sessions, our team will facilitate ongoing weekly virtual webinars and mentoring sessions that are approximately 2 hours per week

For more information, please email