Introducing the Fair Chance Hiring Platform

A new collaborative effort to reduce recidivism, increase public safety, and create more jobs by employing justice-involved individuals across the State of Colorado and beyond.

“Fair chance hiring” refers to the practice of employers hiring people with criminal records. It is built on the premise that everyone deserves fair consideration for jobs they are qualified for.

Why should you care about Fair Chance Hiring?

  • "Fair Chance" employees make up 1/3 of the workforce (source ).
  • Retention rates are higher, turnover is lower for employees with a criminal record (source ).
  • The nation's largest employer (the US Military) reports that enlistees with felony records were 33% more likely to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant (source ).
  • Job training & employment for a formerly incarcerated person adds $2,600 to state tax revenue (source ). 

“When companies use their social capital and big platforms for education and leverage, they create impact. Many corporations have already embraced this position of responsibility, and in the past decade there has been a “moral revolution” in capitalism. Study after study shows that businesses that take on controversial political and social issues can both be effective in creating change and earn more customers by doing so.” - RBIJ